• custom graphic designs
  • sourcing & fulfillment 
  • digital catalog
  • digital order form

Each item comes with 1 complimentary screen print location of up to 4 colors *additional fees apply for more advance decoration techniques, additional printing locations and colors

Production time is typically 4-5 weeks *rush orders are available

All items are final sale once they are custom branded

We have warehouse’s located in both the US and Pakistan. All orders are custom cut, sewn & dyed


Yes, we offer a couple of options for obtaining samples. Please reach out to learn more


A company store is your very own digital storefront with print on demand products that are custom branded with your company logo and DBG exclusive designs. You hold 0 inventory. Everything is done completely online! 

(POD) is a business model in which sellers work with 3RD-party partners to make & sell custom merch. the POD partner manufactures, packs, and ships every custom product as soon as someone orders from your ecommerce store

Step 1: fill out the design questionnaire

Step 2: pay the deposit

Step 3: approve store & collect your commission! 

The shop will be live for 1 month and then you’ll have 3 options to choose from moving forward…

Remaining Open

If you’d like to remain open, it’s $80/mo or $780 for the year ($65/mo). With the month-to-month fee, you have the option to pause or close your store at any time. Remaining open allows your clientele to shop at all times! I will continuously update your store with new products seasonally and upon your request, as well as provide social media ads for you to post when new products have been added to your store. When you choose this plan, you’ll receive your payout every 3 months (4 times per year).

Pausing Shop

You can put your store on hold for $40/mo. When you choose the pause plan, customers can view your store but the checkout will be deactivated. They will not be able to make any purchases while your store is paused. You can decided to un pause your shop at anytime when you’d like to sell again. For ex. during comp season, recital month, during the holidays.

Closing Shop

If you don’t want to continue selling merchandise, you can close and deactivate your store. After you close shop all your products will be deleted and you won’t have the option of restoring/selling them at a later date. If you ever want to open a store again in the future, you’ll need to pay the deposit again to offset the store development and set up costs.

Yes, you’ll receive a discount code that you can use twice. I suggest placing an order of samples before launching your site

I will have a draft of your store to you within 1 week, and then the final product 1-2 days after revisions

Print on demand products including known brands such as, Gildan, Bella + Canvas, Comfort Colors, Etc.

Screen printing, embroidery, all-over- printing, custom personalization 

All items are final sale once they are custom branded, however if something comes in faulted or errored a report can be filed to receive a refund or reshipment

Once your clientele/audience makes an order online, it’s instantly fulfilled & delivered right to their doorsteps within 1-2 weeks

Yes, there are a few products that offer child sizes such as baseball hats, sweatshirts, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, leggings and leotards 

Yes, at an additional cost your store can have it’s own custom domain name. Otherwise it will be a personal generated Shopify link